Thursday, April 27, 2017

Georgia O'Keeffe at the AGO

Andrew and I went to the AGO last night for the new Georgia O'Keeffe show.  I am always pleasantly surprised when I get the chance to see a well known artist who I don't know well and find that in fact there is a lot more to their work than what they're best known for. 

Jimson Weed, 1932
  The flowers are the images of O'Keeffe's that everyone knows but with good reason. This is a stunning painting and in person it draws you in and casts a spell.

Blue, 1959
 But I was not familiar with some of O'Keeffe's more abstract work. I stood in front of Blue for a long while getting lost in the depth and wishing I could dive straight in.

Pelvis III, 1944
  I knew O'Keeffe got into painting skulls but I was less aware of her series of sky views through pelvis bones.  I love the mystery and anticipation of this shift in perspective.

Lake George, 1922
 O'Keeffe's early work was much more traditionally figurative, but no less captivating.  This piece is in the collection of SF MOMA which was a extra little joy.

Lake George Barns, 1926
 I'm a sucker for old barns, I guess O'Keeffe was too cause she painted them a lot.  

East River From the 30th Story of the Shelton Hotel, 1928
I would not have picked this painting out of a line-up as a Georgia O'Keeffe.  But it is, and it's lovely.

Inappropriate Obsession - Dylan Minnette of Wallows